I have a story to tell that is true.. 2 years

go I met Movado Staboi on Face Book .

First I am a Christian I love the Lord and

not ashamed of the gospel to tell it

anywhere even on stage.


I go to Pleasant View Baptist Church

My Pastor Harold Phillips  is a great man

and speaker. I love Pleasant View the

people are awesome and I love them. I

play the keyboard for the praise and

worship team and sing with them also.

I got to know Movado well by talking to

him on Face Book .One day I started to

talk to him about the Lord and Movado

asked the Lord to come into his heart and

he did.I was very happy to know that I

had a knew Brother in the Lord.

Sad news came shortly to that he told his

family about what had happen and they

were mad and he had to leave do to there

beliefs they did not except this new

chapter in his life. Since then he moved to

another location in Africa to start over his

life and  his new walk in God.

Jobs are very hard to find there and food is

scarce with no money. The picture you see

is a collage of the work Movado and I

have started. It has at times been very

trying but worth it all to help Movado.

Movado is going to church there in his

new residence of Africa and I help him to

have a place to live  and at the same time

we feed a lot of children.

I really want do more to help  Movado

and the children and want to put this out

there that if anyone would like  to help.

We watch TV shows about these type of

things and they ask for money to help but

to me you never know where the money goes.


That is why I made this collage to show

the ministry we have started. I am not rich

but I do what I can to help every month

and God has blessed me doing that.

You also must have the heart to do this.

I  would never send any money to where I

didn't know what it is being used for.

I talk to Movado every week and tells me

stories how he feeds the children and goes

to different compounds where they are


These pictures shows Movado going to

get rice for the children and pictures of his

home and life.

Men and woman of God we are so

blessed!. I have a burden and wanted to

share  it. I just want to do more for Christ

and make a change. Our  $1 dollar is

worth $32 dollars there in Africa .


If you would like to help Movado Staboi

and the children of that village contact me

on my site or him on Face Book or my cell

443-945-4404.There is a work to do you

can interact with Movado and see the

great things God is doing over there.

I give God Praise for what he will do for


Thank you for your taking time to read

this God Bless . I am only one man and but

with 2 or more we can save the children

and tell them about the Lord and give

them a chance to make it...

We take so many things in life for granted

but these children are starving...and yes

we here in the US are hurting but our

sacrifice to help others that cant help

themselves is far much more better.

 This is just shout out from my heart to

help those that cant help them selves.

Sincerily Ted Tharp / Ted Elvis....


         This Page Is Dedicated To 

                   Movado Staboi

         And Our Ministry To God's